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Cheryl Bean for Texas State Representative District 97


Texas Border

Texas Border

Cheryl Bean’s Perspective:
The Texas Border Should Be A Top Priority

As a lifelong Texan with deep roots in the defense industry and an unwavering commitment to conservative values, I, Cheryl Bean, bring a unique perspective to the critical issue of border security. My experiences have solidified my belief in the necessity of a robust defense not just overseas but also on our soil, particularly along the Texas border. As a candidate for Texas House of Representatives Chair 97, I am determined to advocate for policies that protect our state from the challenges we face at our southern border.

Closing the Border: A Necessity, Not an Option

Texas is at the forefront of the national conversation on border security, suffering from the consequences of a porous border. Drugs, human trafficking, and illegal immigration pose significant threats to our safety and sovereignty. I stand firm in the belief that closing the border is not just a policy preference; it’s a critical necessity for our citizens’ safety and our state’s integrity.

Finishing the Wall: Reinforcing Our First Line of Defense

The construction of a physical barrier along the Texas border is a contentious issue, yet it remains a practical measure for deterring illegal crossings. My stance on finishing the wall is rooted in my background in the defense industry, where strategic barriers are a fundamental aspect of security protocols. A completed border wall would serve as a deterrent to illegal immigration and trafficking, complementing technological and personnel resources already in place.

Supporting Governor Abbott’s Border Initiatives

Governor Greg Abbott’s leadership in addressing border security has been exemplary, demonstrating Texas’ commitment to protecting its citizens against federal overreach and the consequences of lenient border policies. I fully support Governor Abbott’s initiatives, including the deployment of state resources and the construction of barriers, to ensure the safety and security of our state.

A Conservative Champion for Texas

With over 20 years of experience in the defense industry and a deep commitment to conservative principles, I am uniquely qualified to address the challenges at our border. My campaign slogan, “A Bold Conservative Champion with a Hometown Heart,” reflects my dedication to protecting Texas values and ensuring the safety of all Texans.

As we face ongoing challenges at our Texas border, the need for experienced, conservative leadership has never been more critical. I am committed to supporting effective border security measures, advocating for the completion of the border wall, and backing Governor Abbott’s efforts to safeguard our state. Together, we can address the crisis at our border and protect the values and safety of our beloved Texas.

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