Bean for Texas 97th

Cheryl Bean for Texas State Representative District 97


Two Soldiers walking a road at night Looking for Foreign threats

Defend Texas from Foreign Threats

As a candidate for the 97th chair in the Texas House of Representatives, I am deeply concerned about the foreign threats to our great state. With its unique geographical and economic position, Texas faces challenges ranging from border security issues to the increasing influence of foreign powers like China. With my background in the defense industry, I bring a comprehensive understanding of these foreign threats and the strategies required to protect Texas.

Understanding the Scope of Foreign Threats

The first step in addressing any challenge is understanding its scope and nature. Texas’s border issues are multifaceted, involving not just illegal immigration but also the trafficking of drugs and humans. These activities pose a significant threat to the safety and well-being of Texans and the whole of American citizens. The potential for a terrorist attack on American soil is increasing with each passing day.  Additionally, the growing economic influence and land-grabbing of countries like China in our state raises concerns about our long-term security and financial independence.

The Meaning of Invasion under the U.S. Constitution

According to the U.S. Constitution, invasion involves two core concepts:  entry and enmity.  An invasion must involve both physical ingress into a state (entry) and the intent by the invader to act as an enemy to the state (enmity).  Our border situation meets the entry requirement.  The issue: does it meet the second qualifier of “enmity”? 

In the past, pirates and barbarians fell under the category of “invaders,” according to American statesmen such as Madison.  Generally, an invasion is described as the hostile military action of one nation against another.  However, it is not the size or equipment or even sovereignty of the invading force but its willingness and capacity to commit hostile acts against the state or its people.  Therefore, in my opinion,  we meet the requirements of “invasion” based on the cartel’s activities trafficking human beings, drugs, and terrorists across our border.

A Strategic Defense Approach

Drawing from my experience in the defense industry, I believe in a strategic approach to defending Texas from these foreign threats. This involves a combination of strong border security measures, intelligence-led enforcement, and diplomatic strategies to counter foreign influence.  Most of all, it depends upon the federal government’s willingness to enforce the laws that have already been passed.

Enhancing Border Security

Effective border security involves more than just physical barriers; it involves technology, workforce, and intelligence. We must equip our border enforcement agencies with the latest technology to effectively monitor and secure our borders. This includes surveillance systems, drones, and advanced communication tools to ensure they can respond swiftly and effectively to any threats.  Then we must empower the enforcement agencies actually to deter illegal border crossing and send people back. 

Assuming the next administration allows the border security and Texas supplemental forces to follow the law, there will need to be an action plan for enforcement.  In addition, decisions will need to be made and legislation passed regarding the massive amount of illegal immigrants already in the USA.

Combating Human and Drug Trafficking

Human and drug trafficking are not just border security issues; they are humanitarian crises. We need a multi-pronged approach to combat these problems. This includes working closely with federal agencies, enhancing local law enforcement capabilities, and supporting community programs that help victims of these crimes.

It’s also crucial to address the root causes of these issues through international cooperation and policy initiatives.  In particular, the Texas-Mexico trade relationship should motivate Texas policymakers to adopt punitive measures against corrupt Mexican elites who have property or profit from business interests in Texas.  The Texas legislature should adopt policies that enable Texas to seize the property of Mexican elites in Texas if they are convicted of crimes that involve the use of such property as proceeds, instrumentally, or evidence.  We should also compile a list of corrupt Mexican elites and request the federal government to deny them entry to the US or revoke their visas.

Countering Foreign Economic Influence

The growing economic presence of foreign powers like China in Texas is a complex issue that requires a nuanced approach. We must promote and protect our economic interests while ensuring our state welcomes international business. This involves scrutinizing foreign investments to safeguard our critical infrastructure and industries and supporting local companies to maintain financial independence.  Of particular concern are land purchases near critical infrastructure or defense bases.

Collaboration and Cooperation Against Foreign Threats

Defending Texas from these foreign threats requires collaboration at all levels of government. We need to work closely with federal agencies, share intelligence, and coordinate our efforts to be effective. It also involves collectively partnering with neighboring states and countries to address these challenges.  I recognize that our state law enforcement and legislation are limited under the current administration, but we need to plan for a “changing of the guard.”

The safety and security of Texas are of utmost importance. The challenges we face from foreign threats are real and require a strategic, well-thought-out approach. With my background in the defense industry, I am committed to bringing a comprehensive understanding of these issues to the Texas House of Representatives. Together, we can ensure that Texas remains a safe, secure, and prosperous state for all its residents.