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I am running for Texas House of Representatives, District 97


This is a race for the future of our legislature and the heart of Texas. We need true conservatives with experience upholding our values and serving this community.

I AM your hometown, Christian conservative candidate with the record to prove it.  

I am asking for your support today because we need proven conservatives to defend our freedoms, or we will lose them. You can support me by signing up or making a small donation. It would be my pleasure to serve you!

Cheryl Bean cares about the issues Faced by the Residents in Texas District 97

Protecting Children

Safeguarding childhood innocence and well-being is crucial in today’s world. Schools should create a safe and nurturing environment offering protection from gender identity confusion and pressure, safe and conducive to learning and growth. We must preserve the joy and simplicity of childhood and empower children to become confident and well-adjusted adults.

Border Security & Supporting Law Enforcement

With a 20-year career in the defense industry, Cheryl advocates for strong border security and law enforcement. Her experience provides a unique perspective on the needs of military and law enforcement personnel locally and nationally.

Fiscal Responsibility
& Pro-Business

With over 15 years of experience as a small business owner and active involvement in business associations, Cheryl is a proven advocate for pro-business policies and fiscal responsibility. Her advocacy for the building and housing industry at the state level demonstrates her commitment to creating a thriving business environment in Texas.

Political & Election Integrity 

With a strong belief in the sanctity of the electoral process, Cheryl Bean is dedicated to ensuring political and election integrity. Her support for organizations investigating election integrity at various levels demonstrates her commitment to fair and transparent elections, a cornerstone of our democracy.

Christian Conservative

Cheryl holds strong conservative Christian values that are her personal and professional foundation. Her faith influences her successful career, community involvement, and dedication to family values. Her unwavering commitment to conservative principles and faith shapes her vision for District 97.

Empower Parents

As a local charter school board member, Cheryl has first-hand experience with the advantages of educational choice in catering to the diverse needs of families and students. She firmly believes in empowering parents to choose the best education for their children and actively supports organizations and legislation that promote school choice.

Your Values
Our Mission

Cheryl is committed to the core values that enable true freedom: the freedom to work hard and succeed, the freedom to raise a family without interference, and the freedom to worship and live according to your guiding principles. These beliefs are at the heart of her campaign for District 97. Support Cheryl’s vision for a better future in District 97 by signing up to join our growing community of dedicated supporters.

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