Bean for Texas 97th

Cheryl Bean for Texas State Representative District 97


Empower parents through school choice

School Choice
Empower Parents in Texas Education

In Texas, we understand the value of empowering individuals and families to make choices that best fit their values. This principle is especially crucial when it comes to education. As a local charter school board member and a candidate for the 97th chair in the Texas House of Representatives, I have witnessed the benefits of educational choice firsthand. My commitment is to support legislation that allows parents to choose the best education for their children, supporting a system that caters to the diverse needs of families and students across our great state.

The Value of Educational Choice

Educational choice is about recognizing that each child is unique, with different learning styles, interests, and needs. Traditional one-size-fits-all models do not always provide the best environment for every student. By offering a range of options – from public and charter schools to private and homeschooling – we can ensure that each child has the opportunity to learn in a setting that best fits their unique learning requirements.

Benefits of Charter Schools

Charter schools play a vital role in the educational landscape by offering innovative and specialized programs. These schools often provide a more flexible approach to education, allowing these schools to adapt to the needs or requirements of their students, in ways that traditional public schools may not. As a local charter school board member, I have seen how these institutions can ignite a passion for learning, foster creativity, and encourage academic excellence.

Supporting Parental Involvement

Empowering parents in their children’s education is about more than just offering different schooling options. It’s about involving them in the educational process. Parents should have a voice and a choice in how, and what, their children learn. This involvement not only enhances the educational experience for the child but also strengthens the bond and working relationship between schools and families, creating a community of support for students’ educational journeys.

Legislation for School Choice

Advocating for school choice means supporting legislation allowing parents to choose the best educational path for their children. Future legislation should include policies that make charter schools, and other educational options, accessible to families in their local communities and financially viable to continue to serve their students and community. Legislation should also include assurances that these choices for primary education are available to families from all backgrounds, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Challenges and Solutions

While advocating for school choice, it’s important to address the challenges that come with it. The primary challenge faced by school choice advocates is being able to ensure that all educational options maintain high standards and accountability. Many are concerned that implementing a process that allows the parents to choose an educational path for their children would mean that the funding dollars would be taken from other children and the existing school systems would crumble due to a lack of funding. I am committed to ensuring that school choice does not lead to the neglect of traditional public schools. Balancing these concerns is key to creating a healthy, diverse educational ecosystem.

Empower Parents & Success for the Future

Empowering parents to choose the best education for their children is a cornerstone of a thriving, dynamic society. In Texas, we can lead the way in providing diverse and high-quality educational options for all of Texas’ children. My commitment as a candidate for the Texas House of Representatives is to support and advocate for policies that empower parents, recognizing that they are the primary decision-makers in their children’s education. Together, we can ensure that every child in Texas has access to an education that meets their individual needs and prepares them for a successful future.