Bean for Texas 97th

Cheryl Bean for Texas State Representative District 97


Property Taxes

Property Tax in Texas

Reducing Property Tax for Business Growth

I’m committed to creating a thriving business landscape in Texas by advocating for reduced property taxes. This effort aims to alleviate financial pressures on businesses, allowing them greater freedom to expand and succeed.

Supporting SMEs Against Taxes

Recognizing the vital role of small and medium-sized enterprises, my strategy includes significant relief from high property taxes and fostering an environment where family-owned businesses and farms can prosper. This includes targeted tax breaks and incentives that specifically address SMEs’ unique challenges, reducing the financial strain and encouraging reinvestment in local communities. By easing the tax burden, we ensure these essential contributors to our economy have the opportunity to grow, innovate, and continue serving as the backbone of Texas’s prosperity.

Investment in Infrastructure

Enhancing Texas’s appeal for businesses and fostering innovation relies on strategic infrastructure investments. By advocating for significant funding in transportation, utilities, and digital infrastructure, we boost commerce and reinforce Texas’s position as a prime location for business ventures. This initiative is further complemented by a commitment to a more favorable property tax framework, encouraging economic growth. I support Governor Abbott’s infrastructure initiatives, which align with his vision of driving Texas toward unparalleled prosperity and competitiveness within the US and globally. This ensures that our collective efforts contribute to a robust, business-friendly environment across the state.

Eliminating the Inheritance Tax to Support Family Businesses and Farms

Understanding the impact of the inheritance tax on family-owned businesses and farms, I advocate for its elimination. This tax can be a significant burden, potentially forcing families to sell parts of their companies or land to cover tax liabilities. By removing this financial obstacle, we ensure that family enterprises can continue to thrive and contribute to Texas’s economy across generations, supporting our vision of sustained business prosperity and economic freedom within the state.

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