Bean for Texas 97th

Cheryl Bean for Texas State Representative District 97


Law Enforcement Support

Cheryl Bean's Stand Against Liberal Extremes

My position stands strong amidst law enforcement’s scrutinized role in today’s political climate: I stand with police, law enforcement, and the legal system. These commitments to the two institutions are deep-birthed and based on my belief in order, justice, and the safety of our communities across the constituencies encompassing District 97.

A Pro-Police Advocate in a Time of Challenge

Having been born a conservative Texan, I am very much pro-police. This position isn’t a political stance but is more of an indication of my respect and gratitude to these men and women for putting their lives on the line daily to protect us. In an age where the liberal extremes look to undermine the authority and necessity of our law enforcement agencies, I stand against such narratives, and I stand for the resources, respect, and recognition our officers deserve.

Law Enforcement

I am the product of three generations of military service — my dedication as a conservative Texan is not rooted in politics; it is a deep respect and gratitude for those ensuring our safety. My staunch support champions the vital role police play against diminishing voices, advocating for the deserved recognition and resources given to law enforcement of community security.


Fighting the Defund the Police Movement

The “Defund the Police” movement represents a huge threat to the health and well-being of our communities. An incredibly radical idea, supported by far-left extremists, would take away millions of dollars from our law enforcement agencies, leaving them less able to fulfill what they swore to protect and serve. As your representative, I will fight against any moves that undercut our police. Instead, I present a policy that bolsters local control to direct officers in the most effective way to prevent crime and ensure that law enforcement has the training and support they need to do their jobs effectively.


The Rule of Law

This respect for law enforcement extends to a broader respect for the rule of law and the legal system that underpins our society. Strong-willed but fair, strict law enforcement is needed to hold these institutions and make sure justice is dished out in a just and efficient manner in light of liberal extremism. With all my heart, I believe in the needed measure of strong and strict law enforcement that respects individual rights but maintains the safety and order of society.


Honoring the Dedication of Law Enforcement Officers

I greatly appreciate the daily hard work and risk that our law enforcement officers face. Their dedication to keeping the peace and maintaining the law ensures the protection of our communities as a continued sign of their courage and commitment. These brave men and women face danger so that we may live in safety. We honor their sacrifice and recognize that the best way to do so is to give them every possible support and the type of environment they can be most effective, confident in the knowledge that they have the necessary tools, resources, and respect of the community behind them.


A Commitment to Safety and Security

As a candidate for Chair 97 of the Texas House of Representatives, my vision for a safer, more secure Texas must reflect the support and service of law enforcement officers in our communities. I understand these challenges in law enforcement in this current environment and am willing to fight for resources and policies that support them as they protect our country.

In short, my position is this: I am advocating for the police, law enforcement, and the legal system while appreciating their role in upholding the safety and security of our community. When liberal extremes have the center stage on the news and internet, I stand prepared to defend and support our law enforcement agencies against their attacks, ensuring that they have what it takes to protect and serve.