Bean for Texas 97th

Cheryl Bean for Texas State Representative District 97


Illegal Immigration impacts Texans and Americans

Illegal Immigration

Strategies for Sustainable Reform

Illegal immigration is a complex issue that affects the entire nation, especially the Texas border. With 20 years of experience in the defense industry and 15 years of running a business in the building industry, I have personally experienced the impact of illegal immigration on our local communities. It significantly strains our public services and challenges our law enforcement’s ability to maintain safety and order. To truly solve this problem, we must address its root cause. A comprehensive approach is necessary to tackle this issue effectively and requires a nuanced understanding.

Illegal Immigrants Tempting Incentives

People often risk the dangerous journey to the United States in search of better opportunities, driven by economic hardship, violence, and the hope of reuniting with family. While we empathize with their plight, it’s crucial to recognize that the current system inadvertently encourages illegal immigration by not adequately addressing these root causes.

The Costs to Taxpayers and Impact on Public Services

The financial burden on our education, healthcare, and welfare systems is significant. Attorney General Ken Paxton, in a press release from March 2021, states that the cost to Texas taxpayers is over $850 Million each year.  As taxpayers, we bear the cost; as community members, we see the strain on resources meant to serve everyone. It’s a situation that requires not just compassion but also practical solutions.

Texas Border: A Case Study

Texas stands on the front lines of this national issue. Our landowners and communities face unique challenges, from property damage to safety concerns, highlighting the need for targeted strategies that respect the rights and needs of Texans.

Cheryl Bean’s Strategy for Reform

As a conservative Texan who has dedicated my life to serving our community and nation, I’ve witnessed firsthand the complexities and challenges illegal immigration poses to our security, economy, and societal fabric. Living and raising a family in District 97, my commitment to our state and its future has never been stronger. Today, I stand before you, ready to address one of the most pressing issues facing our state and nation: illegal immigration.

My strategy for reform is built on four pillars:

  1. Strengthening Border Security: Enhancing physical barriers and employing advanced technology to monitor and secure our border efficiently.
  2. Addressing Workforce Needs: Creating policies that balance the demand for labor with the necessity of upholding our immigration laws, ensuring that businesses have access to the workforce they need while protecting American jobs.
  3. Reforming Immigration Policy: Advocating for reforms that address the root causes of illegal immigration, streamline the legal immigration process, and provide clear, fair paths to citizenship for those who qualify.
  4. Supporting Texas Communities: Implementing initiatives to minimize the impact on public services and ensure our communities are supported, safe, and prosperous.

Actionable Solutions to Illegal Immigration

Enhancing E-Verify systems is critical to combating illegal immigration effectively. Strengthening this tool will ensure employers only hire legally authorized workers, cutting off a significant draw for illegal immigration. By making it tougher for employers to sidestep the law, we’ll directly tackle one of the main incentives driving people to cross the border unlawfully. This approach supports a legal and fair workforce, which is crucial for sustainable immigration reform.

Vote For Cheryl Bean for Texas House of Representatives Chair 97

The path to sustainable immigration reform is complex. Still, with determined leadership and a comprehensive approach, we can protect our borders, support our communities, and uphold the values that make Texas great. As a bold conservative champion with a hometown heart, I pledge to work tirelessly to address illegal immigration and ensure a brighter future for Texas.

Let’s work together to safeguard our borders, protect our communities, and preserve the Texas way of life for future generations. Vote for Cheryl Bean in the Texas House of Representatives Chair 97 primaries and support a sustainable solution to illegal immigration.