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Texas Border Crisis | Mexico-United States Border

Mexico-United States Border

United Front Supporting Texas

The Mexico-United States border has become a flashpoint of national security, and we must understand the gravity of this situation and support our state in defending its constitutional right to protect itself against illegal immigration. The recent developments at the Texas border have garnered national attention and widespread support, particularly from fellow Republican governors. As a proud Texan and an advocate for our state’s security, I am deeply concerned about the ongoing crisis at the Texas border. Our governor, Greg Abbott, stands firm against federal interference, showcasing Texas’s resilience in safeguarding our people and values. The unwavering stance of Governor Abbott has led to a significant rallying of support, further solidifying our state’s commitment to border security.

Border Security in Texas: A State’s Right

The recent events at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass highlight the severity of our crisis. Under Gov. Abbott’s leadership, Texas has escalated its border enforcement, deployed 70,000 rolls of concertina wire, and spent $1.5 billion on border walls to curb illegal crossings. However, this robust response has met with opposition from the federal government, leading to a standoff over Texas’ right to protect its borders. [Texas Tribune]

In Shelby Park, our actions have powerfully demonstrated Texas’ unwavering commitment to state sovereignty and the protection of our fellow Texans. Faced with a critical migrant crisis, our National Guard bravely stood their ground, restricting federal agents from accessing the Rio Grande. In our view, this necessary measure was crucial for maintaining order and security at the border. However, unfortunately, the Biden administration rejected this decisive stance, revealing a disconnect between Texas’ priorities and federal perspectives on border security.

This confrontation in Shelby Park has become emblematic of a much larger struggle. On one side, Texas, under the strong leadership of Gov. Abbott, is fortifying its borders with physical barriers, such as razor wire, to deter illegal crossings. On the other side, the Supreme Court’s recent ruling allows Border Patrol agents to remove these protective barriers, a decision that, to many of us in Texas, feels like a direct challenge to our state’s sovereignty and the security measures we’ve painstakingly put in place. It’s deeply disconcerting to see such efforts, vital for the safety of our communities, potentially being diminished by this ruling.

How Much Does Texas Spend On Border Security?

Texas has committed significantly to border security under Governor Abbott’s leadership. The state has invested heavily in resources and expenditures for border control, reflecting the gravity with which Texas approaches this issue. The financial burden of this effort is substantial, with the state spending approximately $1.5 billion under Operation Lone Star to deploy troopers along the 1,200-mile Texas-Mexico border and invest in physical barriers and law enforcement resources.

It is important to note that Texas has significantly increased expenses since the Biden administration took office. This increase is directly linked to the relaxation of immigration laws under the current federal administration, which has led to a concerning escalation in illegal border crossings and associated criminal activities. This lax approach to immigration enforcement has placed an unprecedented burden on Texas in terms of financial resources and community safety.

Since President Biden’s tenure began, there has been an uptick in illegal crossings and an increase in drug smuggling and human trafficking across the Mexico-United States border. Texas has had to respond with higher expenditures, including deploying more personnel, constructing physical barriers, and implementing advanced surveillance and security technologies. This increased financial burden on Texas is a direct consequence of policies that seem to prioritize leniency over law and order when it comes to border security.

The cost to Texas, regarding finances and our citizens’ well-being, is substantial and growing. It is a situation that requires immediate attention and action at the federal level to reinforce Mexico-United States border security measures and provide the necessary support and resources to states like Texas, which are on the frontline of this national crisis. [Texas Tribune]

Mexico-United States border: A picture of the metal Border wall on the Mexico-Texas Border. In front is a map of the united states showing 25 states colored red. these states have come forward to support texas.

Supreme Mistakes at the Mexico-United States Border: Liberty At Its Limits

The Supreme Court’s recent decision, in my view, has overlooked the deep and urgent concerns we Texans feel about what is happening at our border. To many of us, this is not just a policy issue; it’s an invasion, a direct threat to our way of life. This situation has been drastically worsened by what I see as the significant failings of President Biden’s immigration policies. Rather than providing solutions, these policies have only deepened
the crisis we face at our border.

From my perspective, the current federal immigration policies lack the necessary rigor and enforcement to manage and secure the Mexico-United States border effectively. Instead of addressing the root causes of illegal immigration and the influx of illicit activities, these policies seem to have opened the floodgates, inviting more illegal crossings and putting an unbearable strain on our state’s resources and security apparatus. The result? Texas is left to deal with the consequences of these policy shortcomings, which include not only increased illegal immigration but also a surge in drug trafficking and human smuggling – issues that directly impact the safety and well-being of every Texan.

What’s particularly frustrating is the apparent disconnect between the federal government’s approach and the realities on the ground. While the Supreme Court’s decision may align with certain legal interpretations, it fails
to consider the practical implications for states like Texas, which are on the front lines of this crisis. We need policies grounded in the realities of border security, which recognize the challenges we face and provide the support and resources necessary to address them effectively. [Texas Tribune]

As a proud Texan, I believe in the rule of law and the importance of securing our borders. Ineffective federal policies should not compromise the safety and security of our state. It’s time for a policy shift that considers the actual conditions at the border and works collaboratively with states to ensure a secure, orderly, and humane approach to immigration. We in Texas are ready to do our part, but we need federal policies that support our efforts, not hinder them.

Use Your Voice, Vote, And Support The Conservative Republican Movement

We must rally behind Gov. Abbott’s resolve to defend our state. His determination to challenge federal overreach and protect Texas from the adverse effects of lax border policies is commendable. In the face of federal resistance, our state has shown immense courage and a steadfast commitment to the rule of law and the security of our people.

In addition to our staunch stance on border security, the Conservative Republican movement in Texas is passionately committed to defending parental rights, particularly in education. We believe in empowering parents with school choice, ensuring every family can choose the best educational path for their children. This is about putting the power back into the hands of parents, where it rightfully belongs, and away from bureaucratic systems that often do not align with our values and standards.

Furthermore, we champion the prosperity of businesses of all sizes in Texas. Our commitment is to create a thriving economic environment supporting small, medium, and large companies. This commitment is rooted in the belief that a robust and dynamic business sector is essential to all Texans’ overall prosperity and well-being. We strive to foster a climate that encourages innovation, rewards hard work, and promotes growth, all while countering burdensome regulations that stifle entrepreneurial spirit.

Lastly, our movement stands as a stronghold against the extreme liberal ideologies that contradict the fundamental values of Texans. We believe in the sanctity of individual freedoms, the importance of family
values, and the preservation of our constitutional rights. Our efforts are continually focused on countering movements and policies that seek to undermine these principles. 

In essence, the Conservative Republican movement in Texas is about more than just politics; it’s about preserving a way of life that respects freedom, values hard work, and upholds the rights and liberties of every Texan. I urge every Texan to support Gov. Abbott and the Republican conservative movement. Our collective effort is crucial to maintaining a majority in the Texas legislature, ensuring our state remains conservative, secure, and true to our values. 

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This is a pivotal moment for us to come together and support True Conservative Republican campaigns like my campaign for Texas State House Chair 97. Together, we can keep Texas safe and uphold the principles we cherish as we face challenges at the Mexico-United States Border