Bean for Texas 97th

Cheryl Bean for Texas State Representative District 97


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A Perspective Shaped by Experience

The border security crisis in Texas has reached an all-time high, and Cheryl Bean strongly backs Operation Lone Star. This operation, initiated in 2021 by Governor Greg Abbott, deploys the Texas National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety to the southern border. The situation has escalated significantly since its inception in 2021, with other sanctuary cities suing Texas due to their inability to handle the influx of immigrants. Let’s add some perspective. 300,000 people were processed at the Texas border last month alone. 

Operation Lone Star & Border Security

Operation Lone Star is a response to the alarming surge of illegal border crossings, human smuggling, and drug trafficking that have plagued the region. The operation’s dedicated personnel work tirelessly to detect and deter illegal crossings, apprehend criminals involved in human smuggling and cartel activities, and staunch the flow of dangerous drugs like fentanyl into our nation.

Fentanyl Epidemic

One of the gravest concerns in this crisis is the fentanyl epidemic, which claims thousands of lives annually in the United States. Fentanyl’s devastating impact knows no bounds, affecting people of all ages, backgrounds, and communities. The overwhelming majority of fentanyl enters the United States through the U.S.-Mexico border. Many believe that the cartels are using and influencing the migrant wave to open the channel to transport these drugs into our country. 

Lost Children

Furthermore, failure at the border includes the issue of unaccompanied children arriving at the border, often in the “care” of cartels, human smugglers, and coyotes. 100’s of thousands of children have entered our country without a parent or guardian. Parents pay to send their children here, believing our government will take care of them and they will start a better life. But since President Biden took office, almost 1/3 of the children cannot be reached for essential wellness checks, revealing a troubling lapse in the Biden administration’s handling of this crisis. Our government does not have the resources to handle unaccompanied children, and the children suffer. 

Secure the Border

Cheryl Bean, a dedicated mother, grandmother, and school board member, places children’s safety at the forefront of her concerns. She firmly opposes the lack of border security, especially when it involves unaccompanied children. She firmly believes that failing to secure the border and allowing unaccompanied children to be brought in without guardians is a grave injustice. Cheryl’s extensive background in the defense industry equips her with a profound understanding of border security challenges, including immigration, human trafficking, drug smuggling, and terrorism. Her expertise allows her to advocate for essential technological and strategic measures to ensure an effective and secure border.

Modern border security relies heavily on technology, including surveillance systems, drones, advanced communication networks, and data analysis tools. Cheryl’s background in engineering and her work in developing high-tech systems for defense purposes provide unique insights into integrating technology in border security.

However, Cheryl Bean emphasizes that technology must be complemented by human intelligence and on-ground strategies to create a comprehensive approach to border security. This holistic perspective ensures that technological advancements support the dedicated personnel on the front lines.

Back the Blue

Additionally, Cheryl Bean advocates for the support of law enforcement agencies, recognizing their pivotal role in ensuring public safety. Her experience in the defense industry has given her insights into the challenges faced by these agencies and the resources required to enhance their capabilities.

The border cities and towns are overwhelmed by the influx of migrants, and the burden falls heavily on hardworking Texans. The Biden administration’s approach has left law enforcement and first responders overworked and overwhelmed. Cheryl Bean stands with those securing our borders, emphasizing the urgent need for better support and resources for the men and women who patrol the border.

Cheryl Bean has shown unwavering support for Operation Lone Star, a commitment to addressing the fentanyl epidemic, a deep understanding of the unaccompanied children crisis, and advocacy for comprehensive security measures for the Texas border. These actions demonstrate her dedication to safeguarding Texas communities and the nation. The challenges at the border require a multifaceted approach, and Cheryl Bean is committed to supporting it to address the Border Crisis.