Bean for Texas 97th

Cheryl Bean for Texas State Representative District 97


John McQueeney

John McQueeney’s campaign for Texas House District 97 emphasizes key areas such as enhancing border security, reducing property taxes, and elevating educational standards through increased funding and the promotion of school choice.

Cheryl Bean’s significant experience in the defense sector with a top-secret SCI clearance and her active role on a local public charter school board set her apart from John McQueeney. Her defense background provides her with insights into national security, while her educational involvement highlights her commitment to school choice and parental rights, showcasing a unique blend of expertise relevant to addressing both security and educational reforms in Texas House District 97.

John McQueeney’s real estate, franchising, and logistics background showcases his understanding of the economic landscape. It positions him as a candidate focused on practical solutions for economic growth and community prosperity. A Texas Christian University alumnus, McQueeney aligns himself with pro-life values and champions conservative business leadership in fostering a district that thrives economically while upholding traditional values.

John McQueeney: Balancing Community Values and Political Challenges

John McQueeney’s commitment to the district is further exemplified by his active involvement in church and community, reflecting a deep-rooted dedication to family and conservative principles. However, it’s notable that McQueeney’s political journey includes supporting Democratic candidates, which might raise questions among strictly partisan voters. We could not find any endorsements for John McQueeney, and this could be considered a challenge in establishing broad-based support within the conservative community. These factors contribute to a complex candidacy, presenting McQueeney as a candidate with a blend of business acumen and community-oriented values, yet with aspects that may require further exploration by voters seeking to fully understand his stance and potential impact within Texas House District 97.

Cheryl Bean: A Legacy of Service and Vision for Education and Security

Cheryl Bean’s campaign for Texas House District 97 deeply reflects her longstanding family heritage in Texas, spanning six generations, demonstrating her profound commitment to the district’s heritage and values. Her dedication to the community’s conservative values is evident in her advocacy for school choice, reflecting a belief in parental rights in education. Her experience on a local public charter school board reinforces this stance, underscoring the importance of safeguarding children’s education. Moreover, Cheryl’s extensive background in the defense sector, marked by a top-secret SCI clearance, showcases her profound understanding of national security and border issues, highlighting her qualifications to address these critical areas.

Her endorsement from Texas Pro-Life highlights Cheryl Bean’s commitment to her Christian principles.  Her active engagement in the community, through significant roles in Christ Chapel Bible Church and contributions to conservative causes, law enforcement, and veteran support, showcases a deep comprehension of local needs.

As the co-founder of B Smart Builders, Cheryl Bean brings resources of insight into the economic landscape of the local community. Her past role as president of the Builders Association and long-time board member, plus her passionate advocacy for housing and community matters at the legislative level, showcases her commitment to economic discipline and checks and balances.

Cheryl’s devotion to the principles of conservatism and her loyalty to the Republican Party transcend mere political affiliation; they show her commitment to safeguarding a way of life deeply valued within her community. Her proactive involvement in shaping policies and her consistent support for initiatives that foster community development and uphold fundamental values are a testament to her dedication to ensuring the well-being and prosperity of her constituents.

Cheryl calls upon the district to share her vision of prosperity, guided by leadership that embodies integrity, determination, and a firm commitment to conservative ideals.

In the Texas House District 97 race, Cheryl Bean distinguishes herself with deep roots in education and national security. Her tenure on a school board and advocacy for school choice demonstrate a commitment to enhancing education. At the same time, her two decades in the defense industry with top-secret clearance underscore her qualifications for addressing border security. John McQueeney, with his focus on business and legislative priorities, offers a contrasting approach. This juxtaposition presents voters with a clear choice between Bean’s hands-on experience in education and security and a business-driven perspective held by John McQueeney.

Endorsement collage for Cheryl Bean, featuring her campaign logo, images with supporters, and endorsements from 'Texas Right to Life,' the NRA, and individuals like Vince & Ken Paxton and Rick Barnes. The text above thanks supporters for sharing her vision for Texas. The top, text reads, 'Thank You, To All Those Who Share My Vision For Texas; Your Support Is Appreciated.

Texas House District 97 Candidates

In the Texas House District 97 race, voters are presented with two candidates who demonstrate strong commitments to the district. Cheryl Bean, with her lifetime of living and working within the district, 2 decades in the defense industry, and a business owner in the district her experience in education and conservative values aimed at keeping parents empowered for their children. Leslie Robnett, on the other hand, brings a policy-driven platform aimed at diverse energy, security, and justice for its residents.